For majority of businesses, the right IP (intellectual property) advice can protect a lot more than just a business idea or concept. It protects real business assets that are genuinely vital to core services, continuity and long-term success.

And this is especially true for start-ups as they need to be even more vigilant when it comes to protecting innovative and forward-thinking concepts through copyrights, trademarks and other forms of IP protection.

Understanding the Scope and Importance of IP Protection

Intellectual property protection revolves around protecting anything from ideas, concepts and corporate identity to services, processes or products that set your business apart as unique, innovative or forward thinking.

However, when these ideas, concepts or processes are ‘stolen’ or used without permission by another organization, group or individual, that’s when businesses take a heavy hit, particularly if they happen to be start-ups.

With the ease that businesses can reach huge audiences at relatively low costs today, the internet has also increased the likelihood of intellectual property theft. Companies, especially start-ups, are at risk of having their unique concepts/ideas, products or services stolen or infringed upon, no matter where they are operating in the world.

This has made IP protection more critical than ever in this day and age and Stanton IP Law is at the forefront of patent, trademark and copyright protection, leading the way in the world of IP.

Leading the Way in IP Protection – Stanton IP Law

Apart from protecting business growth and making sure that your innovative ideas remain solely your property, there are many benefits to be had when protecting your IP rights through Stanton IP Law.

At our prestigious Tampa, Florida based law firm, we focus on protecting, enforcing and monetizing your IP rights. We can help you obtain US and foreign patents, trademarks at the federal and state levels, as well as copyrights to all your ground-breaking and innovative work, while making sure that your trade secrets remain confidentially yours, and yours alone.

A completely straightforward and easy process harnessing the latest technology and transparent accessibility along with a professional client/attorney experience is what sets us apart when it comes to working with an IP attorney to secure IP protection.

Our unique background in IP technology helps guide your IP journey to success. As long as you work with Stanton IP Law, your IP protection is in good hands:

  • We recently hit a milestone with now having over 250 clients.
    We are not merely a law firm who “helps start-ups”; we service household national brands, and major enterprises as well.
    We invest a lot of our time and expertise educating the Tampa Bay business community.
    Affiliations with Synapse and FL Funders help us stay innovative and on the forefront of what’s to come in the world of IP.
    We are finalists for “Small Business of the Year” in the Start-up category with the Tampa Chamber of Commerce.
    We have grown 300% YOY and have grown to 10 employees in two years.
    Our prospects and current clients love working with us because we are easy to communicate with and extremely transparent.

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