Medical Devices & Life Sciences Intellectual Property Protection

For anyone in the fast-growing and evolving medical and life sciences sectors, it can be important to have access to expert legal counsel. It can be complicated to keep up with the latest developments and regulations in these industries and safeguard your rights to ensure you are compliant when introducing new products. We are a medical device patent attorney based in Tampa, FL that companies and individuals across the entire United States can count on.

Medical Devices

Developing medical and diagnostic devices and bringing them to market requires you to navigate many issues. For example, thorough research must be conducted to ensure there is no potential infringement on protected intellectual property.

Pharmaceutical Products

Although there’s unprecedented demand for new and effective drugs for many purposes, the fact is that the majority of new drugs never make it to market. They are thwarted by the stringent regulatory process and clinical trials. We are a life sciences patent attorney law firm that can work with businesses if they want to improve their chances of successfully protecting, developing and marketing their pharmaceutical products.


Biotechnology is a rapidly expanding industry that includes gene therapy, molecular diagnosis, automated DNA sequencing, pharmacogenomics, which matches drugs to the patient’s genetic makeup, and other groundbreaking fields. If you need help with intellectual property strategy, patent enforcement, or defending against infringement claims by another company, our team has extensive proficiency in the biotechnology space.

How a Patent Attorney Can Help You

There are several areas that an attorney can help you with issues related to life sciences and medical devices.

  • Trademark and copyright services
    If you’re developing a new drug, medical device, or process, it’s essential to protect your product against infringements. Similarly, you have to be careful that you aren’t unknowingly violating someone else’s trademark. Our intellectual property services will guide you on all trademark, patent, and copyright matters with relation to life sciences.
  • Regulatory services
    The regulatory process is quite intricate for any products in the medical and life sciences industries. Without the right knowledge, obstacles might arise that can prevent you from bringing a drug or device to the marketplace.
  • Litigation
    If you are entering into litigation, you need attorneys who are experts in medical and life sciences issues. We can help you in areas such as patent litigation, false claims, trade secret litigation, and more.

An Attorney Can Protect Your Intellectual Property Rights

Life sciences such as biotechnology, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals will only get more sophisticated and complex in the coming years. If you are developing products, facing litigation, or need to form an effective intellectual property strategy, schedule a consultation with us.