Copyright law is essential for allowing creators to protect their work. Stanton IP Law Firm is a copyright law firm Tampa residents and businesses can count on to help them safeguard their intellectual property. 

The Importance of Copyrights

Copyrights are a type of intellectual property protection that applies to original creative works. They can cover a variety of works, including:

  • Books and other literary works
  • Musical compositions and sound recordings
  • Films and videos
  • Architectural plans
  • Choreography
  • Software, which is categorized as literary work

Do You Need to Register a Copyright?

One area of confusion is whether a creator needs to register a copyright or if the work is automatically protected. When someone creates an original work, the copyright is automatically in place. However, it is advisable for creators to further protect their works by registering them with the United States Copyright Office. Registered copyright makes it easier to prove if there is ever a violation.

What Protections Come With Copyright?

A copyright owner has several protections, which include:

  • The right to publicly publish, display or perform the work.
  • Distribute or sell the work.
  • Create other work that is derived from the copyrighted work.

These protections are valid for the duration of the copyright, which is generally 70 years. The Stanton IP Law Firm team is a group of  copyright attorneys Florida or people anywhere can consult for more information on the protections and limitations of copyright.

Copyrights vs Trademarks and Patents

Copyrights, trademarks, and patents apply to different types of intellectual property. Trademarks protect symbols and images related to brand identity. Logos, company names, and taglines are common types of trademarks. For example, the golden arches symbol used by McDonald’s is trademarked. 

Patents protect inventions and processes. They can also protect compositions such as recipes or medicines. While copyrights are concerned with artistic and intellectual works, patents protect physical creations and techniques.

If you are unsure of what type of intellectual property protection suits your needs, one of our Tampa copyright attorneys can advise you.

Stanton: The Leading Tampa Copyright Attorney

Stanton IP Law Firm is a copyright law firm Tampa clients in many industries count on for protecting their intellectual property. Our services include the following. 

  • Copyright Protection Strategies — Stanton is a full-service copyright lawyer Tampa clients can engage with for a complete strategy. This includes identifying intellectual property that can be registered with the United States Copyright Office, helping businesses understand the limits of copyright, and taking steps to enforce copyrights in the case of infringements.
  • Copyright Searches and Filings — A copyright search with the United States Copyright Office can determine if a work is original or already has been copyrighted. While anyone can file a copyright, a law firm can expedite the process and ensure everything is filled out optimally. 
  • Copyright Licenses — A business may want to license out copyrighted property such as software. A copyright license may be exclusive or non-exclusive. For example, a company may license its software to a single client or make it available by subscription to the general public. 
  • Copyright Enforcement and Litigation – As a copyright law firm Tampa clients can count on to help with litigation, Stanton IP Law Firm is the best when it comes to copyright infringement. This can work both ways — if someone has violated your copyright or if you’ve been accused of copyright infringement and need to defend yourself.

Stanton IP Law Firm is a copyright lawyer Tampa residents can always consult on these and other issues. We also serve the entire U.S.

Contact us for a consultation regarding copyrights or any matters related to intellectual property.


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