S Stanton IP Law Firm is a Tampa based law firm focusing on protecting, enforcing, and monetizing Intellectual Property rights for their clients by obtaining patents both in the U.S. and abroad, trademarks at both the federal and state levels, copyrights on works of art, and keeping trade secrets confidential. Founded by Thomas H. Stanton, Stanton IP Law Firm leverages over 15 years in the technology industry to revolutionize the traditional law firm model in order to deliver results oriented, client centric representation to clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Having many years of experience in both the startup and high-tech sectors, Stanton IP brings a unique perspective to its clients. One that focuses not just on the legal aspect of the solution, but also the business impact and the overall effect on the organization. This can include software development agreements, licensing contracts, service level agreements, cloud computing agreements, and other technology related agreements for our clients. Unlike its larger competitors, Stanton IP offers a unique personalized experience while administering more nimble, efficient and expertly focused services to anyone seeking IP services. 


Our commitment to green initiatives through a paperless system reduces the environmental footprint of our operations. We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future in the community where we do business.

Mission Statement

There is a better way to provide legal services. You own it. We protect it. That’s our mission. With an extensive background in entrepreneurial start ups, we understand and appreciate the passion you feel about your product or work.

Pro Bono

Stanton IP Law Firm is fundamentally committed to strengthening the community by providing pro bono legal services. This integral part of our workplace culture allows our team of experienced attorneys to utilize their skills while giving back.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our mission at Stanton IP Law Firm is to provide our team and clients with an environment that promotes equality, encourages creativity & accessibility, and values diversity in innovation.


Accessibility, ease of process through the latest technology, and a personal, professional client/attorney experience sets Stanton apart when searching for an IP attorney. Thomas Stanton’s unique background in technology brings additional tools to the meeting room that play a pivotal role in guiding many clients on their IP journey to success. While we have a strong focus on the high-tech sector, we also have skill sets in a variety of other areas including mechanical, chemical, biotechnology, and electrical.

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“In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness. I almost wish that I might live my life over again to see the wonders which are at the threshold.”

~ By Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899.