Trademark Litigation 

Trademark litigation is an important concern if someone has infringed on your intellectual property. Trademark law is a complex field, so it is essential to have an experienced professional to help you identify your options and the best course of action. Stanton IP Law Firm is a Florida trademark litigation firm that can help you protect your rights and find the best strategy.

What is Trademark Infringement?

Your business may have trademarks for intellectual property such as a recognizable sign, design, or expression that identifies products or services from and distinguishes them from others. Trademarks are crucial for building your brand and differentiating yourself from the competition. However, you may find that another individual or business is infringing on your trademark. Trademark infringement is any case where someone else uses your trademarked property without permission. This is not always as straightforward as it may seem. For example, someone may use a logo that’s very similar but not exactly like yours. If you suspect infringement, it’s best to consult with a trademark attorney for advice. 

Trademark infringement can take many forms. Someone may outright steal your intellectual property (IP), such as by using your logo or a trademarked phrase. In some cases, they may do it unintentionally. Whether deliberate or accidental, you need to protect your rights. This is common on the internet, where a website might use an image without permission. In a case like this, you can contact the website owner (or whoever is violating your trademark) and ask them to stop using your property. If this isn’t effective, your best course of action is to contact an attorney

When to Hire a Tampa Trademark Litigation Lawyer

There are several reasons you may want to hire a trademark attorney.

  • You want to research something before filing for a trademark.
    Before getting a trademark for the name of your business, a logo, a phrase, a product or anything else, you need to make sure it’s not infringing on an existing trademark. We can do the research for you to make sure it’s safe to use. 
  • You’re ready to file a trademark.
    Without experience, it can be tricky to successfully obtain a trademark. Not all trademark applications are accepted. An experienced attorney significantly improves your chances of having your trademark accepted. 
  • You suspect someone has violated your trademark.
    We can help you plan an effective legal strategy. 
  • To monitor your trademark.
    If someone infringes on your trademark, you want to know as soon as possible. Otherwise, it causes confusion and your branding can suffer. Trademark attorneys can monitor the internet as well as new USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) filings and alert you if any issues arise. 

Our Tampa Bay trademark infringement law firm provides you with a free consultation. We can help you decide if legal action is warranted and, if so, plan the most effective strategy. Stanton IP Law Firm is a trademark infringement attorney that Tampa residents, as well as clients anywhere (even internationally!), can count on for expert guidance on trademark infringement and other intellectual property concerns. 



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