Patents are essential for safeguarding intellectual property such as inventions and new processes. Stanton IP Law Firm  team members are patent attorneys Tampa residents and businesses can rely on to help with researching, filing, and enforcing patents. We also offer a full range of other services related to patents and other intellectual property.

The Purpose of Patents

A patent gives its owner exclusive rights to a product, process, or invention. There are several types of patents. 

  • Provisional Patents — A temporary document that proves the inventor intends to file a formal patent in the future. A provisional patent is only valid for a year.
  • Utility Patents — The most common type of patent containing the details for an invention or process. 
  • Design Patents — A limited patent that covers the design of a product. This may apply to the design or shape of a product such as clothing, furniture, or an automobile.
  • Plant Patents — Protects new and unique types of plants. 

A patent has a certain expiration date. Utility patents generally last for 20 years, while design patents expire after 14 years. After the expiration date, patented products or inventions enter the public domain, when the information can be used by anyone.

A company may file several types of patents for one product. Filing a design patent can protect the look of the product.  A utility patent covers the way it works. An IP patent attorney at Stanton IP Law Firm can assist with every stage of the patent process.

Patent Services Offered by Our Law Firm

We are a Tampa patent law firm offering several services related to patents. These include:

  • Patent Applications — The patent process can be complicated and confusing. The way a patent is written will determine how effective it is, making it essential to get every detail right. With the experience and diverse background of our team, our attorneys are able to create patent applications that perfectly capture an invention’s uniqueness.
  • Patentability Search — Not everything can be patented. To qualify, an invention must be unique and not too similar to other inventions already patented. A patentability search saves valuable time, making it much more likely that a filed patent will be approved by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Patent Office Appeals — If a patent application has been rejected, the applicant has the option of filing an appeal. Our attorneys can rewrite the application and improve the chances of having it accepted.
  • Foreign Patent Applications — In the US, patents are filed with the USPTO. Applicants can also file an International Patent Application that may be approved by multiple countries. This process is overseen by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). Stanton IP Law Firm can help applicants navigate this complex process.
  • Patent Litigation — Litigation is another service provided by an IP patent attorney. We represent clients who believe another party has violated their patent. We also defend clients who have been accused of patent violation. 

Stanton IP Law Firm focuses on not only Tampa clients, but clients statewide. Our clients entrust us to represent them for any matter concerning patents or other types of intellectual property such as copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets. For any questions on intellectual property or to schedule a consultation, contact one of our patent attorneys in Tampa and schedule a 15-minute consultation!


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