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Commercialization of IP

Commercialization of IP is about bringing your idea from concept to market and creating money.  In order to ensure that you are maximizing your earning potential, you must consider…


We provide complete patent services that help create and protect the inventions that shape our world. Our depth of experience and technical expertise, allow us to provide…


In an increasingly competitive world, establishing and maintaining a strong brand identity is more important than ever. Trademarks are names or logos which serve to identify…


A copyright relates to artistic creations such as, music, books, sound recordings, films, paintings, photographs, and computer programs. While a copyright is automatically…


At Stanton IP Law Firm, we focus on protecting, enforcing, and monetizing your Intellectual Property Rights. We can assist you in obtaining patents both in the US and abroad, trademarks at both the federal and state levels, copyrights on your works of art, and keeping your trade secrets confidential.

In my opinion, all previous advances in the various lines of invention will appear totally insignificant when compared with those which the present century will witness. I almost wish that I might live my life over again to see the wonders which are at the threshold.

~ By Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of US patent office in 1899.

Industry Organizations


You may be wondering, how do I conduct a trademark clearance search? This is a…

It is more important than ever to safeguard intellectual property (IP) internationally in a market…

Develop a clear and concise path forward.
“If you’re looking for an attorney who will not only do a thorough job but will educate you along the way, then I suggest you call Stanton IP Law Firm. They were willing to speak with the team several times at length about our organization’s needs and was able to develop a clear and concise path forward.  By explaining the entire process upfront, we not only avoided surprises but more importantly, we knew the organization’s financial investment was being spent wisely.  So before searching the web or looking through your local newspaper ads for a Patent Attorney, I would highly suggest contacting Stanton IP Law Firm.”
– Robert, Direct of Sales & Marketing at Premier Data Services
Gave me great confidence to make the moves I did.
Stanton IP Law Firm impressed me with their knowledge and expertise.  I am inexperienced in patents and they lead me carefully through the process with full explanations that I could understand. They gave me great confidence to make the moves I did.  I am very grateful!  I 100% recommend them for your patent law needs.
– Eric Schweitzer, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Premier Physical Therapy
Great to communicate with!
"Stanton IP Law Firm provided very detailed information in a timely manor! Great to communicate with! I do appreciate the services provided which helped greatly!"
– Lisa Patel, Shareholder – Global Harvest, Inc.
Well done!
We’re very pleased with your service; it was a sprint to meet the deadline, well done.
– William Lazarus, CEO – Seer Analytics
It was an amazing presentation and time well spent.
Recently I sat through a session by Mr. Stanton on " Looking at Intellectual Property (IP) from an Investors Perspective". Not a simple topic. However, Mr. Stanton's presentation was clear, concise and when he was done I had an amazing understand of the topic; And the benefit of hiring an attorney before I looked at a company (hint hint Mr. Stanton). From an investor's perspective, the two big takeaways:
  1. Understanding the various legal avenues to protect your IP, and
  2. When doing your due diligence make sure you understand; the company you are investing in or the company your buying, how they have legally protected the IP, and who owns the IP. HUGE issues in a company.
From this presentation and my business experience "IP due diligence" should defiantly be part of an investor's playbook. Thanks for the time. It was an amazing presentation and time well spent.
– Ellan Murphy


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