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Football is back!
Tampa is a sports town! Yes, I said it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 2-0, the Tampa Bay Rays are surging, the Tampa Bay Lightning have begun preseason, and the University of South Florida Bulls are off to a great start. Regardless of whether you are a Tampa Bay fan, college or pro football fan, or simply not a fan at all, football season marks important elements for our society. It means summer is coming to an end and that school has started. In some parts of the country (Florida excluded) fall season is approaching along with leaves changing colors and cooler weather following right behind. It also changes our mindset to the rich holiday season we have to look forward to. La Shana Tova to all my Jewish brethren and may this new year bring everyone health and happiness. Football season also brings a refocus on business as the calendar year-end approaches. If you have business activities that involve legal issues such as protecting your Intellectual Property, please keep Stanton IP Law Firm in mind.
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Editorial by Thomas Stanton, Managing Shareholder

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New Office Feature!

The Stanton Gallery

The Stanton Gallery
Our office now features work by Emmy Stanton, who began her journey as an artist when she was just a young girl! Swing by our office to checkout some of her work!

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Written by Thomas Stanton

History of IP Regulation

International law exists for two primary reasons: 1) public welfare; and 2) political welfare. Under the public welfare model, international law can only survive in areas that benefit the public welfare of the countries involved. Without the continuous benefit to the public the international law will deteriorate. Under the political welfare model, international law can only survive when there is political benefit to the countries involved. This may or may not also benefit the general public of the participating countries.
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