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  • BS in Business Management, University of Phoenix


About Erika Maita

Erika Maita has been actively involved in the technology industry, boosting the profitability of numerous organizations. She has successfully closed multi-million-dollar deals for solutions in both the hardware and software sector and has closed managed services contracts through the successful application of several different direct sales strategies. Maita has a proven track record of consistently exceeding personal and organizational goals, while producing significant revenue for every company she has been actively involved in.

Maita’s career started at the Regions Bank, where she was appointed as a Financial Services Specialist, as well as the Lead/Vault Teller. She maintained a successful working relationship with the bank for the next three years, breaking a record for the number of accounts sold, and being the only branch employee to receive cross training in three different departments. She was also awarded a Regional Branch Award for achieving a 0% discrepancy rate in her audits. A rare achievement, Maita had the right attitude to produce the kinds of results the bank was looking for in their employees. She also recognized opportunities to improve the organization’s internal structure and was active in suggesting and implementing them across various levels.

At In the News, Inc., she was a National Accounts Manager for a period of three years, establishing successful partnerships with more than 150 national publications, and was the youngest representative to achieve the Million Dollar Club. She was also a Sales Awardee for the CEO Club. Despite only staying in her position for three years, Maita managed to gather enough experience during her employment and pushed hard for the adoption of various new trends that have benefited the company significantly in the long run. She has been recognized multiple times for her effort in this regard and was a valued employee during her stay at the organization.

From 2012 to 2017, Maita worked at Vology, Inc, where she was a Major Accounts Manager. She closed the largest managed services deal in the company’s history and was the recipient of President’s Gold and Silver Club awards. She exceeded all expectations when it came to revenue, reaching 251% of the initial goal, while scoring 189% of the gross profit goal. In the end, she was in the top 1% of the entire company on many points, including the number of products sold. She personally oversaw the creation of the company’s Philadelphia market, a highly successful venture for the organization which earned her even stronger recognition both internally as well as externally.

Combining her love for company culture and technology, Erika was employed at the TriNet Group as a HR Business Consultant, where she managed to close a record-breaking deal in just her first six months of employment. She was again in the top 1% top performers and was SME in social selling and the technology industry and tasked with developing and creating the company’s market in Indianapolis, Indiana. Maita was responsible for the development of a scalable 5-star selling process that the company has implemented and has provided direct training to new representatives on various aspects of the organization’s work. She was primarily tasked with training newcomers on blogging and content writing and has maintained a very successful track record in this area, with multiple satisfied trainees and supervisors, as well as measurable improvements to the company’s workflow.

Erika has been awarded the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 30 under 30 Hall of Fame Awardee where she won the overall award for Tampa Bay’s most admirable and influential businessperson under the age of 30. Outside of spending time with her family, she enjoys volunteering at local charities aimed to better the Tampa Bay area, including causes surrounding children and families, social and economic impacts, and women empowerment.